About Our Charity

Most charities or NGO's have numbers as low as 10% of donated capital actually getting to the those in need. For this reason, we created a charity called 100% for LOVE, in which 100% of all received donations will go directly to feeding children in hospitals, orphanages, and villages. 

So, how do we make the 100% model work?  TGI, an American-Angolan investment company, plays the role as our main sponsor, providing us with all personnel, logistics, delivery, products and services needed on the ground, so that all external donations can go 100% to the cause.


"Angola is facing a public health emergency. Its public hospitals have been overwhelmed by a series of disease outbreaks, and the government has been forced to turn to private business and well-wishers for help." 

Africa News 2016


Mission & Goals 

During the last three years, Angola has been faced with great economic difficulties due to the world wide oil crisis. Since then, the average pediatric hospital in the capital city, Luanda, is losing 10 children a day due to malnutrition.

Every week, we'll collect donations and our Love Team will purchase and deliver food and supplies to those in most need. This entire process will be done 100% transparently with donors.

One of the main causes we will focus on is bringing food and supplies to children of the David Bernardino Hospital & Josina Machel Pediatric Hospital in Luanda, Angola's capital.  A great number of the in-patient children are orphans. As the economic crisis worsens, more desperate parents are abandoning children in the hospitals. These children depend 100% on donations.

Besides giving food and supplies, we believe in giving LOVE. This is the one gift we ALL can give, and its free! Our mission is to give away as much love as we can, and promise each visit will be delivered with lots of smiles. We are confident that the power of kindness will change the world.


Ready to give love?