Alexander Thomson

Chief love officer - CO-FOUNDER  

Alexander, founder and president of TGI, made 100% For Love a reality by donating company resources, infrastructure, and personnel to handle all logistics on ground, allowing us to give 100% for love!      


Xoch Serrano

 Chief LOVE GIVER - Co-Founder 

Xoch is passionate about making a positive impact in our world today. She is in charge of organizing the visits and allocating donations to those in most need, from hospitals to orphanages to kids she encounters in small villages. 


Eddy Silvestre

Love transporter

Eddy plays a key role in the distribution of food and love. He is in charge of transporting it from the supermarket to the hospitals, orphanages, or wherever love is needed.    


Evandro Almerido AKA Ciryus

love communicator 

Evandro is part of the communications and marketing team. He is in charge of convincing the public to give some love.  He also helps in organizing the hospital visits, beach cleanings, and educational programs.